Every time anyone observes these flags flying at Military Honor Island, our veterans will be appreciated. Where Military Honor Island will be located, these flag poles will be set in concrete and landscaped around to become a show place. This Military Honor Island will be located on a 2 acre lot of
real-estate. Military Honor Island will be located close to one the major highways near Highway 271 in Camp Co.

This will become a bragging show place for Pittsburg, that will bring visitors from miles away. This alone will bring customers to the local businesses and surrounding area.

Flags that will be honored:
Christian, Texas, Fire, Police, Navy Seals, Airborne, Blue Angles, SeaBees, Thunder Birds, Vietnam, Camo Rangers, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Patriot Guard, National Guard, POW, MIA, Air Force, Korea, Support Our Troops, American Legion, 911, Wounded Warrior